James A. Dumont

Counselor at Law

James Dumont


Personal Injury Cases

Struck by a Drunk Driver

A repeat drunk driver ran a stop sign at high speed and struck a woman's vehicle head-on. The drunk driver had no liability insurance. Jim assisted the victim in obtaining substantial compensation from her own car insurance company.

Head-on Collision, on the Wrong Side of the Road

A middle-age man was on his way home from work. He was struck head-on by another driver and suffered life-threatening injuries, permanent disability and the end of his professional career. The other driver and his passengers told police that the injured man had been driving on the wrong side of the road and there was no way to avoid him. Jim worked with a team of accident reconstruction experts to prove that in fact the other driver had been on the wrong side of the road and was at fault. The case settled.

Dramshop Liability

A young man died in a one-car accident after being served alcohol at a bar well after it became apparent he was already intoxicated. The young man's father claimed damages. The trial court dismissed the claim. On appeal, the Supreme Court of Vermont found that the father was entitled to economic damages under the Vermont Dramshop Act even though he was not "next of kin" under Vermont's Wrongful Death Act.

The Lawyer Who Did Nothing

A college student was at a friend’s house. The second-floor deck he was standing on collapsed, causing him to suffer substantial injury to his spine. He was not able to pursue his chosen career. He went to a lawyer to obtain compensation from the landlord who owned the defective deck. The lawyer told the young man he was working on the case, but in fact he did not try to settle the case, and he waited until one week before the statute of limitations expired before filing suit. The lawyer, however, sued the wrong person -- and the limitations period then expired. The young man was left without a claim. Jim represented him in successfully suing the lawyer for malpractice.

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